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We are not associated with Paypal and we don't ask for password. Just put your email and the amount you want to add in your account. Enjoy your free funds!

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The Idea Behind The Generator

Imagine if you could find $400 dollars while walking in the street. You will be ecstatic right? How about getting money online without having to work for it? How about having money in your paypal account where you can buy the stuff you like. Do you think it is possible? My answer to you is a big YES. There is a handful of application like paypal money adder which can only be found in few sites in the world of internet. There are billions of sites online and to be frank with you, there are only 5 sites that offer something like this which is providing you a secret method to have money in your paypal account and we are one of them. 3 of the 5 sites are private which is only a handful of people knows it, while the other one is only being use by two person. Sadly, they don’t like to share the method. They keep it for themselves. I ask my friend if I can possibly put their site here, so that more people can benefit the method. Unfortunately, they resisted in doing so..

Did I surprise you? I am pretty sure you I did. You might be thinking right now that there is no way to access that forum. Yes! that is true. That is why they have make it private. So the biggest question right now is this — is there any chance to get into that forum? I will say forget those secret forum. The mere fact that you are already here in our site is already a good news. Did I mention to you that we are one of those 5 sites? We are here to put a smile in your face. I know money cannot be everything, but what if you can buy some stuff you like with the money in your paypal. You might be searching online for “free money paypal” or “paypal hack” or “how to get free money on paypal” and you found our site. And with that, you are already fortunate!

It is not possible for you to get that money without any survey, because without it a lot of users will be abusing it. So just take the survey and choose the easy one. You might be required either to enter your phone number, or your email address ,or you can download some application to play. Just choose which one that are easy for you to do. Just think of it that if you work offline to get a $100 dollars, then you have to work like 8 to 10 hours. Whereas if you take a survey, it would only take you like a minute or two. I am sure you don’t mind spending that amount of time just to get the survey done. After that you get your money in your account — easy right?

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Khan made a post.
6 days ago


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RyanUS made a post.
4 days ago

Great job guys. I use it every day, and really love it. Added almost $2000 so far

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CarlosS. made a post.
2 days ago

I just got 100$ Money, It works <3..

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@Marksmanus made a post.
26 days ago

Woow this PayPal money adder realy works I just generated $500 to my account…

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